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the friends of

The Victoria Playing Field

Who We Are
The Friends of the Victoria Playing Field (FVPF) is a small but dedicated voluntary organisation consisting of some of the local residents who use and enjoy the park on a regular basis. We recognise its importance in our lives and those of our neighbours, and strive to encourage its use and to improve it. At a time when much of our urban green space such as school playing fields are being used for housing and commercial development, and our lives are becoming more sedentary, the value of the Victoria Playing Field and parks like it to ourselves and future generations cannot be underestimated.
What We Do

Our objectives are to:

- bring together those who care about the Victoria Playing Field

- encourage thoughtful consideration of proposals made for the Field

- liase with agencies which have an interest in, and a responsibility for the Field

- promote activities to transform good ideas for the Field into reality

- enable as many people as possible to enjoy this valued space

- encourage measures to achieve its care and maintenance, both in the short and long term

For more details on the FVPF, please see our constitution.

How to Join
We have around 90 individuals who have registered a strong interest in the Friends at either the launch meeting, Larks in the Park, Cricket Match or at some other function. This list does not include the many hundreds of individuals who signed the petition. It is proposed that the 90 individuals will receive copies of newsletters and event communications. A copy of this list of 90 is held by each Committee member. If you are not on the list and would like to receive a copy of newsletters etc. then please contact us. Membership of the Friends is currently free, and available to anyone interested in the aim and objectives of the Friends.


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